Ginger Morris

Living Well Massage Charleston was founded in 2017 by Ginger Morris. Ginger is a licensed massage therapist with 20 years of experience. She studied at Atlanta School of Massage and has experience in many massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, prenatal, hot stone, cupping, Swe-Thai, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, and chair massage. She also attended school at the Esthetics Program at Charleston Cosmetology Institute, where she was certified in skincare. The variety of techniques and skills that she has developed over her years of practice make her massages unique and memorable. Ginger's massage work can be described as deeply relaxing and therapeutic. With Living Well Massage Charleston, Ginger and her team of professionals strive to provide a meaningful massage experience to each client, even in the midst of a hectic work day. 


Living Well Massage Charleston

Ginger's career has allowed her the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, such as day spas, gyms, medi-spas, golf clubs, wellness spas, private residences, and a tech company. Her interactions with many clients from different backgrounds has led her to the path that she walks today. With the creation of Living Well Massage Charleston, Ginger is realizing her dream: to give people the chance to take better care of their bodies and minds while balancing their busy working lives and hectic schedules. Living Well Massage Charleston brings professional chair massage to your workplace, event, wedding party, holiday gathering, or any other occasion. Ginger and her team of highly-trained and experienced therapists have a goal: they want to help you and your staff stop just living and start living well.